Anti-Static Carpet Treatment

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Anti-static carpet treatment from the professionals at The Clean Machine will rid your carpets of dangerous electrostatic charge build-up.  Low humidity conditions can lead to an accumulation of static electricity, which can damage valuable electronic equipment such as personal computers or data storage devices.  We offer the most effective treatments for this potentially expensive problem.  Don’t gamble with the possibility of losing vital information or harming digital hardware.

Our state-of-the-art anti-static carpet treatment techniques will eliminate static electricity build-up in your carpets and rugs.  Even curtains can cause electrostatic shock and are effectively treated by our methods as well.  In one visit we can quickly and safely treat all the problem areas in your home or office space with eco-friendly methods and materials.  Don’t let electrostatic charge build-up and jeopardise your valuable electronic equipment, computer files etc.

If you purchase our anti-static carpet treatment along with one or more of our others services, you’ll receive a discounted rate.

For more information on our anti-static carpet treatment and for a free quote, call The Clean Machine on 1300 136 785.  Our friendly staff  are ready to answer any questions or to assist you in arranging an appointment.

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