Leather Cleaning

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Cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather furniture. It not only removes dirt and oils but also helps to maintain the moisture in the leather. This is important for keeping the leather supple and makes it less likely to absorb spillages and will stop it cracking over time.

Try to avoid using supermarket products or baby wipes etc, the damage done will normally shorten your suites life.

The most important thing to know when cleaning leather is the type of leather you are working on. Different leathers need different solutions and techniques to avoid damage.

After we have cleaned your leather we apply a conditioner and a protector. This puts moisture back in and helps protect it from those unwanted spills.

A few tips..

  1. Avoid placing your sofa near fireplaces or radiators as this can cause dryness to the leather.

  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Sun damage fades colours over time.

  3. Do not rub or use products that could damage leather.

Our Services
    Carpet cleaning
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    Upholstery cleaning
    Leather cleaning
    Mattress cleaning
    Curtain cleaning
    Blind cleaning
    Tile cleaning
    Motor vehicle cleaning
    Pet stains
    Stain removal
    Stain protection
    Anti static
    Water damage

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