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Stain protection can be applied to most fabrics. Sofas, Carpets, Chairs and Leather are just some of the items we can protect for you. The protector coats every fibre with an invisible UV-stable protective layer. This does not affect the fabric colour and normally lasts up to 5 years or more.

The protection helps the fabric from absorbing stains, giving you a chance to blot the stain( see tips ) before it becomes a permanent eyesore.

When removing stains for our customers we have a much higher success rate when the fabric has been treated with anti-stain protection. The best time to have this protection applied is when the fabric is new or after you have it professionally cleaned by us.

We can offer this protection at a fraction of the price that furniture retailers charge.

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    Carpet cleaning
    Rug cleaning
    Upholstery cleaning
    Leather cleaning
    Mattress cleaning
    Curtain cleaning
    Blind cleaning
    Tile cleaning
    Motor vehicle cleaning
    Pet stains
    Stain removal
    Stain protection
    Anti static
    Water damage

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